"Coral Sea has assisted our leaders to become more self aware and understand their impact on our people. They have earned the respect of a client group who, in their role as auditors, seek the highest standards"

Christine Tubbs, People Development Manager, The Audit Office of NSW

"I had taken my team through strategic planning in the past with other consultants and it really didn’t click or provide the results. John’s approach was so pragmatic - he firmly believed that the strategic future of our business was in our consciousness and his role as a facilitator was to extract that out of us.

He provided the tool with ‘TeamConnect’ and the discipline to successfully distil our 3 year plan on to 2 sides of A4. Quite some achievement!"

Martin Cayzer, Managing Director, Panavision Australia


"I have worked with Coral Sea Consulting for 8 years and would recommend them to any organisation that is looking for a leading edge consultancy to assist them with their organisational development needs.

They have assisted my organisation with innovative Management and Leadership development programs, Team Building workshops and particularly in the area of Strategic Planning which has been absolutely key to the success of my HR function."

Nada Buckley, VP International HR, leading Software company

"I found my time with Greg to be an eye opener, challenging myself to reflect on my own approach, standards and expectations of others. Greg picked up quickly on my key areas of focus and provided good techniques and ideas on how to address these.

I am now listening a lot more and asking questions that have the coachee coming up with the answer themselves. I am now asking rather than telling and my direct reports provide me with feedback when I regress."

Ben Marini, State General Manager | WESTPAC Commercial & Agribusiness
Regional WA


"For several years we have used Coral Sea to improve our business processes and to assist in the development of our employees. From a business process aspect, their tools and methods have allowed me to directly link business planning with the roles of employees.

For leadership development, Coral Sea identifi es clear opportunities and puts in place real actions that facilitate behavioural change. This ensures we buy in at all levels and have closure in the process."

Steve Kitcher, Technical Services Manager, O-I Australia

"I have used Coral Sea’s planning services in my leadership roles at AMP, ANZ and now at Diabetes-Australia NSW. The TeamConnect approach is an excellent engagement tool for any team creating a plan, with a rigorous follow up process that helps deliver to schedule. We have implemented four business plans at Diabetes Australia - NSW and have found Coral Sea to be of great help as the organisation adopts a change in strategy to meet the growing needs of our members and stakeholders.

I look forward to working with Coral Sea in the future as we extend into some leadership development training for our staff."

Nicola A Stokes, Chief Executive Officer, Diabetes Australia – NSW