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Corporate Culture Development

Corporate behaviour can be constructive, or oppositional in a way that reduces the performance of everyone in the business.

We provide a variety of workshops and measurement tools that will identify opportunities for rapid development of attitudes and performance skills in your business.

We like to start at the top with the leadership team, giving them some time to integrate new understandings about effective leadership, and to learn to be good practitioners themselves. We then work out through them to their teams, on an increasing DIY basis.

We like to take a whole of business approach where every employee has an opportunity to be part of a structured 'corporate culture' development program. The ultimate aim is to have everyone behave better, to respect each other, and to combine without bickering to deliver consistently excellent results to your clients.

We work to introduce a better understanding of the high-order standards needed to make the business work at its best - for all involved with it. People must be properly prepared for responsibilities and then held accountable to produce consistently good results. We want to see a focus on performance at all levels - a focus that is accompanied by sophisticated, fair and firm management disciplines.

Leaders Point™

This highly developed Leadership skills training program delivers the most modern understandings and techniques for working with people. We have found that its contents and delivery make the program equally powerful for all employees.


The program is based on 10 one-day modules that are ideally delivered consecutively over a period of around 12 months. This program forms part of an overall culture development strategy. Days can be run individually and out of sequence to meet specific needs. Normally delivered exclusively for a client, if demand exists we can also run this course as a public program.


As with all Coral Sea workshops, this program is based on adult learning techniques, and is highly involving, active and experiential. Every step in the learning process is relevant to real examples we know the participants experience in their business.


Participants are always encouraged to discuss and develop their own understandings and applications of techniques. All are given action learning assignments to complete, in the work-place, between modules.