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Consensus Based Planning

With the right style of inclusive leadership operating, it is possible to use a facilitated and team based approach to problem solving and business planning.


We consistently see that much better business outcomes are delivered by appropriately involving a greater number of team members in helping leaders address the business development conundrum.

TeamConnect™ Business Planning and Implementation Management

TeamConnect™ business plans are a proven success and a catalyst to rapid change in your business. Developed over a two-day facilitated workshop that involves all key stakeholders and personnel who will implement the strategy, our TeamConnect™ plans have three key strengths.


1. The facilitation process that drives the two day workshop. This ensures that everyone actively contributes to developing and testing the content of the business plan. The plans are comprehensive and buy-in to them is assured. All participants will leave the workshop keen to work the plan.


2. The completed plan is presented on a single colourful A4 page, making it succinct, portable and easily understood.


3. A disciplined monthly implementation cycle begins immediately. This ensures that real progress is made and measured.