Your people are your power

Our Services

Facilitated Leadership

Our key interest is to develop highly effective leaders. We believe great leaders must learn to balance exceptional personal energy and strength with genuine humility and interest in others.

To do this well they must firstly be very self-aware, then they must be prepared to acknowledge and honour the strengths in the people who surround them.

Your Coach™

We provide professional development coaching to corporate leaders and other team members at all level in our client's corporate structures. Each coaching program is custom developed to suit the needs of the executive or developing leader involved.

A completely confidential and high trust relationship is established between the person being coached and our consultant.


Development assignments are set at the completion of each session and results are carefully reviewed. Our coaching clients and their employers find this service delivers rapid gains. We particularly strive to have each leader broaden their base of active skills so they are more flexible and effective in responding to different situations and individuals.

As external professional coaches, we provide a development opportunity and sounding board that is not available in any other form within our client's business.