Your people are your power


Your people are your power

About Coral Sea Consulting

Years of Experience

To be a Senior Consultant at Coral Sea Consulting some things are essential. You need to have solid experience in senior leadership roles. You need to be genuinely interested in people and must have demonstrated capability in developing people.

You need to be good on your feet at the front of the room when leading a workshop facilitation. And you need to be exceptionally good in one-on-one situations when you provide personal coaching.

Our Directors

Barbara Harrison

Barbara offers you benefit of 30 years of experience in leadership development, cultural change programs and executive coaching. She works with senior leaders in Australia's largest corporations to develop transformational leadership and outstanding outcomes through developing more constructive relationships across the business.

As a master facilitator, Barbara creates new levels of effectiveness in groups who are problem solving, or exploring new horizons. Barbara is a qualified counselor and psychotherapist. This background offers a unique opportunity to clients embarking on behavioural development.

John Harrison

With many years of experience in business and training, John brings unique and powerful understandings to his individual clients and workshop participants. John is committed to his clients achieving tangible outcomes and rapidly acquiring skills to continue their own development.

John maintains a strong belief that the fastest and most economical path to business success is through improving the quality and effectiveness of leadership.


With a background in senior leadership and information Techlonogy, John offers an in-depth understanding of the business imperatives creating demands on leaders. He offers his expertise in facilitated strategic planning, senior leadership
development and executive coaching.