Your people are your power


Your people are your power

About Coral Sea Consulting

Thirty years providing leadership development and culture building programmes has made Coral Sea Consulting a leader in its field. With a client base that's a 'who's who' of major Australian corporations we have a long history of successfuland productive relationships.

We have extensive experience in the corporate sector and work with great care, connection and integrity at all levels within our client's structures. Achieving the maximum outcome and business potential for our clients is what drives us.

We are specialists in leadership development and cultural development. We do all our work through facilitation rather than traditional investigative consulting.

We work to short cut your development cycle by immediately harnessing the potential of the expensive and talented human resources you employ.

The foundation of your future success will be a work environment and accepted codes of conduct that provide everyone in the business the maximum potential to excel.

We will show you the way to this, and rapid improvements in levels of corporate performance, employee satisfaction, new business and customer re-buy.



Why work on Leadership and Culture?

The simple answer is “because businesses are primarily collections of people” and it is this component that will differentiate the business and make it successful. Products, processes, systems, procedures, policies, new visions and strategies will fail if the wills and minds of the people in the business are not actively engaged.


It is the quality of the leadership in the business and the cultural standards the business creates that will determine the level of ‘buy-in” and enthusiasm evident inside the business, and evident to your customers.


A “great place to work” generates great business outcomes. A great place to work can be described as one that offers all working within it new levels of challenge and achievement, opportunity for personal growth, the opportunity to help others grow, and a real sense of purpose and belonging in the community of the business.


The extent to which your leadership is creating this environment, or culture, can be accurately measured. The areas for development identified allow you to put to work simple leadership techniques that will quickly improve your business outcomes.


Developing leadership and culture is the most cost effective way to attain the highest performance for your business.


Money applied to renovating or regulating a business where the employees are disengaged or alienated, is money poorly spent.